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Almond Joy

Almond Joy

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Indulge in the magic of our Almond Joy Fudge—it's almost too good to be true!  Packed with shredded coconut and generous chunks of almonds, it mirrors the bliss of an Almond Joy candy bar. The fudge's chocolaty base is rich and velvety, creating an irresistible melt-in-your-mouth texture. Brace yourself for a heavenly experience that captures the essence of this classic favorite!

1/4 pound is wrapped in cellophane

1/2 pound is packed in a tamper proof container and includes a knife making it a perfect to-go treat.

Our fudge is batched and packed with care, and shipped directly to you, ensuring a burst of delightful freshness in every bite. With an impressive 8-10 week shelf life, our fudge promises a lasting symphony of flavors for you to savor at your own pace.

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