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"Discover our small-batch delights at 11:11 Confections. Indulge in our exquisite range of handcrafted delights, from mouthwatering fudge to irresistible candied nuts. Explore the online store for a symphony of flavors and sweeten your moments with the finest treats. Elevate your snacking experience with 11:11 Confections – where every bite is a celebration of flavor and quality."

Jones County Kettle Corn Co. rebrands as 11:11 Confections

Jones County Kettle Corn proud to unveil its new identity as 11:11 Confections. This transition marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey as it broadens its product range to offer an even wider array of delightful treats.

Since its inception, Jones County Kettle Corn Co. has been synonymous with the finest kettle corn and candied nuts, captivating taste buds with its signature sweet and salty combination. The company takes a bold step forward, not only in name but also in the scope of offerings. With the introduction of their delectable fudge, 11:11 Confections is committed to satisfying the cravings of confectionery enthusiasts nationwide.

What makes the “11:11” in 11:11 Confections even more special is the profound meaning it holds for the founders, Chad and Connie Rubner. Their twin grandsons were born on Sept. 11, and the “11” signifies their birthdate. The doubling of the 11s represents the twins, adding a deeply personal touch to the brand’s identity.

“Our evolution into 11:11 Confections represents a natural progression for our brand,” Chad and Connie Rubner said. “The ‘11:11’ symbolizes the cherished birth of our twin grandsons, reminding us of the joy and sweetness they bring into our lives. We’re excited to embark on this sweet journey, expanding our product line to include an assortment of mouthwatering confections, all while carrying the love and meaning of ‘11:11’ with us.”

In line with this transformation, 11:11 Confections introduced a new Facebook page. This new digital presence will serve as a hub for sharing the latest updates, special promotions, and mouthwatering confectionery creations. The company’s mission to create joy through irresistible treats remains at the core of its identity, now intertwined with the heartfelt significance of “11:11.”

The rebranding as 11:11 Confections reaffirms the company’s commitment to quality, innovation and the special bond that underscores the brand’s name. With the expansion of its product line, 11:11 Confections aims to reach a wider audience, sharing the sweet indulgence that they have been well known for since the beginning, enriched by a vmeaningful story.

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